Getting to WOW!

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Getting to WOW!

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Promotional tactics often used to get noticed in the very crowded field of products and services are digital services, technology focus, social media, etc. But what really works? David Ogilvy once remarked that a great ad should leave you gasping. He wasn’t that far off. A great promotion still needs as its foundation, great content.

Knowing your audience and what they relate to, can help in developing an effective promotion. The graphic can play an important part. The total promotional piece must be believable, eye-catching, and, oh yes, it must meet the needs of the customer!

The next time you are looking through an industry publication, make a note of the advertisements that you really liked. What elements made you take a second look? Was it the copy, the graphic, the type, or the combination of all. Why did you think they stood out above all the other advertisements? What did they have in common? After doing this a few times, it will be clear that getting to WOW! is not as easy as it sounds.

Creating a “WOW” type of promotion, also can be labeled a game changer. This is a term we frequently hear. It seems to denote deleting everything and starting from a new position. There may, however, be another definition.

A Game Changer can be the application of bold, effective, attention-getting marketing and communications. It comes from a position of strength and confidence.

Bold marketing, or “WOW” marketing might be highly creative, new and exciting, maybe even “out-of-the-box”. It’s primary task is to promote a product or service. It should separate your product from your competitors.

The next time you sit down to create or evaluate a promotional piece, keep these things in mind: it should be dramatic, it should be based on facts, depending on the content, it is possible that it should be directed to a specific industry segment, it should be positive, it should have no pretenses, no jargon, just a straightforward, real-world solution.

Welcome to “WOW” !