Marketing…Analog vs. Digital

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Marketing…Analog vs. Digital

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A recent quote from Recode (a technology news website that focuses on the business of Silicon Valley) noted, “We’re living in a digital world, but analog is making a comeback.  Older analog technologies provide the kind of tactile physical experience that a purely digital world has started to remove…Digital isn’t always better. Sure, there are enormous benefits to working with media, files and devices in the digital domain, but we are, after all, still living in an analog world. In fact, though an increasingly large percentage of our everyday experiences may start out or somehow exist in digital form, none of our interactions with these experiences actually occur in the digital domain. Instead, every one of these experiences happen in an extraordinary high-resolution analog domain (otherwise known as the real world).”

And from The Economist, this observation: “Not long ago social-media marketing was something brand managers might ask their summer interns to deal with. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have cultivated vast audiences: 2 billion people worldwide use them, says eMarketer, a research firm….But the digital media business is still young and volatile, and it is hard to predict which social media networks are destined to become the new-media equivalents of America’s big four broadcast-TV networks. ….Even if marketers master social media without coming across  as clumsy, grating or intrusive, there will surely be a limit to how much advertising will shift to the platforms. Television ads are still great for reaching big audiences with simple messages. Print ads can lend an air of credibility.”

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Benefits of Traditional Marketing

As you can surmise from some of these opinions there are varying thoughts on the use of analog and digital marketing and how and when to use each one. Some of the benefits of traditional marketing are the materials can be kept, it is easy to pass the materials along to selected peers, and it is easy to understand.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of digital marketing include the ability to target local or international audiences, interaction with the audience, cost efficiency, and real time results are possible.


Digital Donut, a large digital and marketing community had this to say: “Rather than taking an all or nothing approach, it appears that a multi-channel approach that leverages the unique benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital will perform best.”

We agree.