What is a Game Changer?

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What is a Game Changer?

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Game Changer

It is a term we frequently hear. It seems to denote deleting everything existing and starting from a new position. There may be, however, another definition.

A Game Changer can be the application of bold, effective, attention-getting marketing and communications.  No pretenses, no jargon. Just straightforward, real-world solutions.

If it sounds simplistic, let me assure you, it is not. Bold marketing might be highly creative, new and exciting, maybe even “out-of-the-box”. It will get attention. Using this as a start, it must be incorporated into the solution needed to promote a product or service. Not only does it have to be attention-getting, but it should separate your product or service from your competitors. Sometimes you need to bring benefits into the picture, sometimes these same benefits could be your competitive edge!

It is a Game Changer in the respect that it differs from previously techniques you may have used. It comes from a position of strength and confidence. That is an important part of the improved marketing and communications. This must be evident in the finished program. For example, of all the advertisements or direct mail pieces you see, often one stands out. The next time this happens, look at the piece very carefully to see why it caught your attention. Discount any mention of price because anyone can lower a price to get attention and sales. However, their margins may suffer.

Other than price, what elements made you take a second look. Was it the graphic? The type? The content? Any one of these elements alone or in combination can make a difference.

This transformation is what we call a Game Changer.


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