Marketing In Action

...A Better Way to win New Business, New Profitability, and New Value

Services and Capabilities

We provide a broad range of in-house and contract capabilities in the US and Chicago including digital
marketing, business marketing, SEO, and branding:

We bring your sales and marketing expectations to reality.

(On time and on budget.)

We create promotional materials that are innovative, informative, that will pique the prospect’s interest, and lead to an active, successful follow up and ultimate sale.

Our Better Way program provides opportunities for you to win new business, increase your profitability, and add new value to your company and its stock.

We are very aware that the business and technology environment is becoming more complex. We have seen the rise of artificial intelligence, the use of robots and chatbots, and accepted the growing importance of transparency throughout the marketing process.

Cooper has decades of marketing knowledge and experience in creating and applying more effective, results-oriented strategies to position your products or services for optimum exposure. We will work seamlessly with your team to bring your expectations to reality. Consider adding Cooper to your marketing team.

Talk to us today at 312-965-0540 or fcooper@cooperllc.net for a no obligation telephone, Zoom, or in-person meeting.

“We are committed to working with companies in the business and technology
communities like yours to help develop actionable, market-driven strategies to
explore and pursue sustainable and profitable business growth.”

- Franklin Cooper, CEO