A Better Way

A Better Way

What does that mean? Sounds simple. There’s always a better way to do something.

However, when you are working with a business or technology client who is depending on you to provide solid marketing direction, A Better Way means going the extra mile to create real-world effective solutions.

Here is Cooper’s Better Way Program:

• Listen to the client; what are their objectives, what are their challenges
• Learn the client’s historical perspective on their product or service
• Evaluate their objectives; are they realistic
• Talk to some of their key customers to get their perspective, i.e., other
than price, why are they doing business with this client
• Research their competitors to ascertain their market strength and focus
• Identifying their product or service as unique, cutting-edge, or a commodity
• Research their present market; is it dynamic or static
• Evaluate new potential markets for their product or service
• Discuss using Alliances to gain entry to new markets
• Create promotional materials that are innovative, informative and that
will pique potential customer’s interest and lead to an active follow-up
• List product strengths and weaknesses, company strengths and weaknesses
• Identify and describe target audiences; use of segmentation
• List client expectations; what do they consider success
• Insure that once a position has been created, ALL materials, and websites
tell the same story
• Maintain integrity, clarity and transparency throughout the client relationship
• All correspondence should be in writing
• All quotations and estimates should be firm and approved by both parties,
changes should be in writing
• Establish that the client’s budget can support their objectives
• Maintain ongoing communication with the client in all areas,
issue monthly updates
• Most of all, develop a rapport with the client; make them feel welcome
from the outset

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