Industrial Marketing

Industrial Marketing


Industrial marketing requires a complex skill set that pulls from multiple disciplines of business. It has components of advertising, sales, and cutting-edge communications.

The Digital Marketing Focus

Often, industrial buyers are looking for something very specific. In this instance, mass marketing does not work. We suggest a strategy that requires a much more targeted, niche-specific approach such as digital marketing. It can address very specific subject matter without sounding like an advertisement-this is called Content Marketing. It also can use E-Newsletters to disseminate company news.

Why Are You Better?

To elicit customer information aimed at suggesting a starting point, we solicit some of our customer’s key customers and contact them with one question. “Why, other than price, are you doing business with this company?” Since many of the resulting answers are similar, it stands to reason that if that’s why they are working with you, this might be a strategy to attract other prospects in the same field.

Image is Everything

A dynamic physical image can have great impact. Our graphic design department will create a memorable and easily recognizable corporate or product image from your input.