Our Services

Industrial Marketing

Now commonly known as business-to-business marketing, the purpose of B2B marketing communications is to support the organization’s sales efforts and improve company profitability. B2B marketing communications tactics generally include advertising, public relations, direct mail, trade show support, sales collateral, branding and services such as website creation and search engine optimization.

A checklist for the marketing agency might include: objectives, target market, target audience, product, campaign description, product positioning, any other supporting material, distribution, and a comprehensive plan to target resources where they will deliver the best return on investment.

Technology Marketing

Technology has always been the driver of innovation in manufacturing and today’s emerging technologies are no different. The opportunity exists for manufacturers to create products that will reduce waste, improve quality, and deliver better products in a faster and more cost-effective way.

As you develop your marketing program, list your benefits compared to your competitors. Although the workings of the specific technology are important, the benefits may be your competitive edge.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows greater interactivity between the provider and the client making it more effective. Applying the most effective digital marketing tools to obtain pre-established objectives is vital. We ensure that each tool is customized to the client’s needs to obtain meaningful results. Some digital marketing tools we use include:

Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Website Development and Creation, and E-Newsletters.

Through in-house and contract capabilities, we also offer Competitive
Intelligence, Market Research, Trade Show Support and Public Relations.